Wynwood Fitness Club


CrossFit is a workout style open to folks with any experience level and ability. It's a dynamic strength and conditioning program rooted in high intensity interval training. And building muscle/ losing body fat aren't the only perk that comes with adding it to your routine. Unlike traditional workouts, CrossFit challenges you with varied exercises and durations enhancing agility, flexibility, … It features functional movements, mimicking actions you do daily, such as squatting and pushing, but performed at an elevated intensity


Strength Training

Strength training involves performing exercises with the aim of increasing muscular strength, endurance, and overall physical fitness. Regular strength training can improve bone density, metabolism, and functional abilities, making it an essential component of a well-rounded fitness routine for all genders and ages.


Gymnastics Skills

Learning how to properly move your body through space with gymnastics is not only fun but also an essential part of physical fitness. Gymnastics movements are incorporated into CrossFit workouts to develop strength, agility, balance, and flexibility, thereby enhancing overall athletic performance. performance.


Olympic Weight Lifting

WFC provides complimentary Olympic weightlifting classes designed to not only enhance strength but also elevate explosive power, coordination, and calorie expenditure. WFC's program presents a dual challenge, stimulating both body and mind, fostering discipline, focus, and unwavering determination.


Open Gym

WFC is accessible during all hours for members to work on skills or get in any additional training.



WFC believes that progress extends beyond gym sessions to encompass the 23 hours outside. This is where many encounter hurdles in their health and fitness journeys, which is why our nutrition and accountability coaches step in. Utilizing a habit-based nutrition approach, we systematically address one aspect at a time, ensuring sustainable success. We believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn't be complicated.